# Settings

Place these settings in config/image-toolbox.php file.

  • useWebp - if webp version of image should automatically be generated. Default: true.
  • forceWebp - if webp version of image should be generated even if Craft detects lack of webp support on server. Useful if Craft somehow wrongly detects lack of webp support. Default: false.
  • useImager - if Imager-x or Imager should be used for transforms (assuming one of these plugins is installed). Default: true.
  • useImagerForSvg - if imager should be used also for SVG images. Default: false.
  • transformLayouts - pre-defined transform settings. Read more in "Transform layouts" section of documentation.
  • useWidthHeightAttributes - if width and height attributes should be added to source (and fallback img) elements. Default: false.
  • usePlaceholders - if placeholder should be generated if image is missing (asset object equals null). Default: true.
  • forcePlaceholders - if placeholders should be outputted by every method instead of transformed images.
  • placeholderMode - mode used when generating placeholders. Possible values: file, svg, url. Default value: file.
  • filePlaceholderPath - location (relative to the project root) of the source file used with placeholder file mode.
  • filePlaceholderBackgroundColor - hex value of background color used when generating placeholder files with placeholder file mode.
  • filePlaceholderBackgroundOpacity - opacity of background color used when generating placeholder files with placeholder file mode. Possible values: 1 - 100.
  • filePlaceholderDirectory - path where generated placeholder files will be outputted, relative to the project root.
  • placeholderUrl - URL of placeholder image, used in url mode. {width} and {height} in URL will be replaced with width and height of placeholder.
  • suppressExceptions - if errors should be thrown when passing incorrect parameters to the functions or if methods should fail siliently, not outputting anything at all.


  • placeholderClass - CSS class added to <img> inside <picture> element if placeholder image is displayed. Default: is-placeholder. Used unly with deprecated picture(), pictureMedia(), pictureMax() and pictureMin() methods.